Mini-Grant Recipient Success Stories: MyClinic (2017-2018)

MyClinic has received several Healthier Jupiter Mini-Grants over the last couple of years. They have mad such a great impact in the lives of their patients.

In 2017 - 2018 MyClinic received a Healthier Jupiter Mini-Grant for their Diabetes Care Coordination Triple Aim Initiative: Better Care, Better Health, Better Value. Through this funding along with funds from MyClinic’s general operating budget, MyClinic hired a part-time Care Manager to provide high quality comprehensive care for high risk Type 2 Diabetes patients that are not responding to prescribed treatment plans. The Care Manager focused on the high-risk 5-10% of diabetic patients, specifically identifying 12 low-income and uninsured patients. These patients have a Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis, high blood glucose, and regular treatment plans were not as effective. Majority of the participating patients were Hispanic.

Low-income and uninsured community members living with Type 2 Diabetes may have a difficult time accessing medical care and managing treatment. It is important for individuals living with Type 2 Diabetes to maintain a prescribed treatment plan, in order to prevent further complications, and/or unnecessary and expensive Emergency Room visits or hospitalizations. MyClinic helps low-income and uninsured patients within our community access medical care, often working with patients diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and facing many barriers to care.

The Care Manager ensures that these patients receive dedicated assistance in managing their acute and chronic illness taking into consideration all the determinants of health. The Care Manager duties include assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation and advocacy. The goal is to provide options and services to meet the comprehensive medical, behavioral and psychosocial needs of an individual and their family while promoting quality and cost-effective outcomes.

MyClinic shared this story about one of the participants, Alvaro. Alvaro, “hit the ground running”. Alvaro lost close to 40 pounds and he was a positive influence in his home encouraging his mother and father.

MyClinic is optimistic that this model of care can be replicated in our clinic for other chronic conditions that plague our community. Additionally, we hope this model can replicated at other health care centers.

MyClinic’s Diabetes Care Coordination Triple Aim Initiative: Better Care, Better Health, Better Value meets Healthier Jupiter’s focus area to encourage people to engage mentally and physically to practice healthy behaviors.

About Healthier Jupiter’s 2019-2020 Mini-Grant Program

Healthier Jupiter, a community initiative founded to address health and quality of life issues, for the fourth year in a row, Healthier Jupiter will offer Mini Grants to impact the health of our community. The goal of the Mini Grants is to fund innovative projects that have measurable impact and can create meaningful, transformative change in the health, wellness and success of the greater Jupiter community. The grants will allow civic organizations, churches, temples, schools, government entities and nonprofits to fund pilot ideas to improve our collective community health in one of four focus areas:

  1. Increase the availability and affordability of fresh, healthy foods;

  2. Help individuals become more physically active on a regular basis;

  3. Encourage people to engage mentally and physically to practice healthy behaviors; and/or

  4. Support changes in the built environment and community policies that promote equitable opportunities for healthy living.

For more information about Healthier Jupiter’s Mini-Grant Program please visit Here you can learn about past recipients, get some great inspiration from innovative ideas from around the country, and submit an interest form (which is required to submit a grant).

Healthier Jupiter is funded through a generous grant from Palm Health Foundation in partnership with Jupiter Medical Center, as part of the countywide Healthier Together Initiative.