Mini-Grant Recipient Success Stories: MyClinic (2016-2017)

MyClinic has received several Healthier Jupiter Mini-Grants over the last couple of years. They have mad such a great impact in the lives of their patients.

MyClinic exists so that uninsured residents with limited financial resources have access to quality health services through a well-coordinated system of care. MyClinic envisions being a facilitator in a process that results in a community that excels in planning and delivering health care to vulnerable populations, resulting in improved health, satisfied patients and providers, and efficient use of the community's health care resources. MyClinic provides adult and pediatric Primary Medical Care, Specialty Care as well as Referrals to Urgent Dental Services and other medical specialists as available. In addition, MyClinic offers on-site Behavioral Health Services and Care Coordination.

In 2016 - 2017 MyClinic was used their Healthier Jupiter Mini-Grant to Improve Access to Medical Care of Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM) for Low Income, Uninsured Patients in the Jupiter Area.

The program has allowed MyClinic to identify, treat, educate, follow up and provide support tools to low income, uninsured residents of our community who have Type 2 Diabetes. Glucometers were generally given for free by physicians but the test strips can range up to $134 or more. At home monitoring is a crucial component of diabetes care. Removing financial barrier to obtaining test strips by providing patients with a basic, reliable glucometer and strips increases compliance with treatment plan and ultimately helps to improve overall health.

MyClinic shared with Healthier Jupiter…”Patients who needed to monitor their glucose levels were grateful to be able to track their levels at home without the added financial burden of having to purchase supplies. A1C machines enabled MyClinic staff to run this test in the office instead of referring them to a lab for testing. This resulted in immediate feedback and increased compliance with necessary monitoring. Patients who received these devices were tracked through our electronic medical record chart. Retrospective chart review shows that 60% of participants had a decrease in their A1C levels and increased compliance with medical follow up care”.

MyClinic’s Improving Access to Medical Care of Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM) for Low Income, Uninsured Patients in the Jupiter Area meets Healthier Jupiter’s focus area to encourage people to engage mentally and physically to practice healthy behaviors.

About Healthier Jupiter’s 2019-2020 Mini-Grant Program

Healthier Jupiter, a community initiative founded to address health and quality of life issues, for the fourth year in a row, Healthier Jupiter will offer Mini Grants to impact the health of our community. The goal of the Mini Grants is to fund innovative projects that have measurable impact and can create meaningful, transformative change in the health, wellness and success of the greater Jupiter community. The grants will allow civic organizations, churches, temples, schools, government entities and nonprofits to fund pilot ideas to improve our collective community health in one of four focus areas:

  1. Increase the availability and affordability of fresh, healthy foods;

  2. Help individuals become more physically active on a regular basis;

  3. Encourage people to engage mentally and physically to practice healthy behaviors; and/or

  4. Support changes in the built environment and community policies that promote equitable opportunities for healthy living.

For more information about Healthier Jupiter’s Mini-Grant Program please visit Here you can learn about past recipients, get some great inspiration from innovative ideas from around the country, and submit an interest form (which is required to submit a grant).

Healthier Jupiter is funded through a generous grant from Palm Health Foundation in partnership with Jupiter Medical Center, as part of the countywide Healthier Together Initiative.