Mini-Grant Recipient Success Stories: El Sol, Jupiter's Neighborhood Resource Center (2017-2018)

El Sol, Jupiter’s Neighborhood Resource Center has been awarded 3 Healthier Jupiter Mini Grants over the years! All of their programs have made a great impact on the health of the community they work with.

El Sol, Jupiter’s Neighborhood Resource Center’s mission is to improve the quality of life for the residents of Jupiter and surrounding communities by providing services primarily to day laborers, their children and families. El Sol envisions a harmonious integrated community in which all people can reach their highest potential.

In 2017 - 2018 El Sol used their Healthier Jupiter Mini Grant to start their Passport to Health Program. El Sol created and distributed a “Passport for Health” to our clients as a tool to increase awareness about health-related services and events available in Jupiter. The project encouraged low-income residents of Jupiter to participate in activities that help prevent diabetes and improve their overall health and well-being. Residents collected stamps/signatures on their passports by participating in various local programs; MyClinic, garden workshops, Zumba, Healthier Jupiter Walk & Talk, healthy cooking classes, diabetes prevention workshops, Promotores de Salud talks, etc. Upon collecting the stamps/signatures from the different programs, they were entered for a chance to win exciting incentive prizes.

El Sol relayed this story to Healthier Jupiter…

”The first person to turn in a completed “Passport to Health” was Mircy. She was on a mission to fill it out completely and she made sure she had the passport with her at all times. Mircy’s passport seemed to have survived several spots of rain and hurricanes. She came to El Sol Health Coordinator Betzy Rega with her worn out passport. At first, she was a bit shy that it was in such rugged condition but managed to pull it out her pocket and with a smile of pride to show Betzy she had every signature required. Betzy entered her information in the tracking system and informed her about the upcoming raffle. She immediately asked if she could have a second one.

Once the first raffle was conducted, Mircy began to build excitement by encouraging the other ladies waiting for work in El Sol’s Labor Hall to be part of the program. Mircy is now leading her peers to become interested in participating in activities that promote healthy living. There is absolutely no coercion but a passionate interaction of information on how they can begin to live a healthier lifestyle and at the same time win a prize.

Mircy usually sends new participants to Betzy to ask additional questions and learn more about workshops and/or activities that they can participate in to help make healthier food choices, become more physically active, and information regarding preventive healthcare services.

In the raffle held in the month of October, Mircy won her first prize. She was delighted to have won a bike. She does not drive nor has another mode of transportation; hence, she was very happy to have won the bike. Mircy has not only taken a personal responsibility for her own health but has taken steps towards improving the health of her whole family and community.”


Additionally, El Sol incorporated the Health Passport project into case management efforts to ensure clear communication with clients. El Sol has a Self Sufficiency Matrix that is completed with each worker and allows us to assess their specific needs. The Matrix is a scale with a score of 0-5 under nine areas; with one area for health and safety. This Matrix is reviewed, completed, and evaluated every 6 months by a case manager with the Case Manager also develops an individualized worker “action plan” that is self-directed and defines what steps the worker will take in order to meet their goals. The Passport for Health project is used as a tool under Health and Safety. In summary, a client who does not have health insurance and has not been to a doctor for a general health checkup for more than five years will be assessed with a score of zero. A client who is of good health is aware of the local health resources in the community, has been to a doctor for regular checkups, and is following recommended healthy habits will be assessed with a score of five. Of the 500 Health Passports distributed, 70% (350) of our clients participated, and we are proud to share the 100% increased their self-sufficiency matrix health score from zero to three.

El Sol’s Passport to Health Project meets Healthier Jupiter’s Mini-Grant focus to encourage people to engage mentally and physically to practice healthy behaviors, and incorporated several other focus areas.

About Healthier Jupiter’s 2019-2020 Mini-Grant Program

Healthier Jupiter, a community initiative founded to address health and quality of life issues, for the fourth year in a row, Healthier Jupiter will offer Mini Grants to impact the health of our community. The goal of the Mini Grants is to fund innovative projects that have measurable impact and can create meaningful, transformative change in the health, wellness and success of the greater Jupiter community. The grants will allow civic organizations, churches, temples, schools, government entities and nonprofits to fund pilot ideas to improve our collective community health in one of four focus areas:

  1. Increase the availability and affordability of fresh, healthy foods;

  2. Help individuals become more physically active on a regular basis;

  3. Encourage people to engage mentally and physically to practice healthy behaviors; and/or

  4. Support changes in the built environment and community policies that promote equitable opportunities for healthy living.

For more information about Healthier Jupiter’s Mini-Grant Program please visit Here you can learn about past recipients, get some great inspiration from innovative ideas from around the country, and submit an interest form (which is required to submit a grant).

Healthier Jupiter is funded through a generous grant from Palm Health Foundation in partnership with Jupiter Medical Center, as part of the countywide Healthier Together Initiative.