Let's Move in March!

Regular physical activity can make a lasting change in your health! If you participate in sustained physical activity for 30 minutes a day or more, you can improve your health dramatically.

The Let’s Move: Commit to Change Physical Activity Challenge invites Palm Beach County residents to form teams and get moving together – let’s make this fun! Commit to exercising at least 30 minutes a day, log your minutes, and let’s see if we can get Jupiter and the Town of Jupiter Team to #1!


  1. Create an account: Let’s Move. Follow this “How To Register” Handout for more help. The Organization / Team Name is “Town of Jupiter” and the Sub-team/Department Name is Jupiter Medical Center / Healthier Jupiter. Log your minutes on this page!

  2. Or record using the weekly Tracking Sheet (click to download) and share it with healthierjupiter@htpbc.org and we will log your minutes for you.

How will you get your minutes in this week? You can walk, run, do yoga, garden, play sports, go to the playground with your kids, deskercise, etc. You chose what you like to do, do it for 30 minutes, and #LetsMove!

Don’t forget to share with us, we love to learn how people are staying active. Tag us on Facebook or send us an email at healthierjupiter@htpbc.org.