Have Fun and Stay Safe During Summer

By Sophia Nemes

Summer is finally here and I can’t wait to get outside and ride my bike, go to the beach, paddleboard, snorkel, go to the park and overall have fun. But it’s important to remember to stay safe during all these activities. After all, June is national safety month.

One of the big risks we have here in Florida is heat exhaustion. Heat exhaustion is caused from “exposure to high temperatures, particularly when combined with high humidity, and strenuous physical activity,” according to the Mayo Clinic. This summer, when you’re enjoying outside activities, be careful to look out for these symptoms of heat exhaustion: goosebumps in the heat, faintness, dizziness, headache or nausea.  If you notice these symptoms, rest in a cool place, drink cool fluids, and remove unnecessary clothing like jackets and sweatshirts. You can prevent heat exhaustion by staying hydrated, using sunscreen, and wearing lightweight clothing and a hat.

Start summer off right and stay safe outside. Remember to bring water with you all the time (stay hydrated) and don’t stay out in the heat for too long. But most importantly, have an epic summer!

Sophia Nemes is a 6th grade communications major at BAK Middle School of The Arts. She was a winner of the 2018 Healthier Jupiter Student Video Contest in which she produced a film that highlighted pedestrian and bike safety guidelines for kids. Sophia has accepted the role of Healthier Jupiter Student Voice Reporter and will be providing a series of articles on various health-related topics from a student’s perspective. We are thrilled to have Sophia and her mother Anna as part of the Healthier Jupiter Volunteer Team. We welcome you to join the Volunteer team as well.

 About Healthier Jupiter

Healthier Jupiter is a community-driven initiative funded by Palm Health Foundation. Headquartered at Jupiter Medical Center, Healthier Jupiter works in partnership with the Medical Center to address healthy behaviors, social determinants of health, and quality of life issues across the lifespan.  Healthier Jupiter brings the community together by listening to the needs of all, building support, and providing resources to empower people to make healthier choices. Healthier Jupiter is part of Palm Health Foundation’s Healthier Together Initiative.  Healthier Together is a long-term, place based funding approach designed to solve the community’s most complex healthcare issues, neighborhood by neighborhood.

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