The Mission of Healthier Jupiter


Healthier Jupiter, in partnership with Jupiter Medical Center is dedicated to bringing the greater Jupiter community together to encourage each person to live their healthiest life. Healthier Jupiter is part of the Palm Health Foundation’s Healthier Together Initiative, a long-term, community-driven approach to solving a community’s complex healthcare issues.


The greater Jupiter community works together, supporting each person to live the healthiest life possible.

This initiative’s project goals include:

  • Promote and ensure opportunities for healthy eating and active living

  • Encourage people to engage mentally and physically in healthy behaviors

  • Convene and collaborate with individuals and organizations across multiple sectors

  • Advocate for sustainable policy changes to improve health

  • Provide resources and education on chronic disease risks and prevention

  • Address the social, economic and environmental factors impacting health



Healthier Jupiter provides awareness of chronic disease risk factors to those in the greater Jupiter community. We seek to reach all those who are at risk of developing a chronic condition by promoting lifestyles that are conducive to healthier living.


Healthier Jupiter improves access to wellness education, medical care, services and supplies. We systematically identify, remove and reduce barriers to access, starting with increased opportunities for care for those with limited financial resources and insurance.


Healthier Jupiter strives to be inclusive in every aspect of the initiative and to involve all those who live, work or learn in the greater Jupiter area, regardless of their age, gender, socioeconomic status, national origin, race or religion.

Changes We Want to See

  • Increase knowledge of chronic disease risk-factors and available resources

  • Support and help change policies that promote healthy eating and active living

  • Increase access to affordable healthy food

  • Increase access to neighborhood exercise programs

  • Increase strength of existing systems

  • Increase the quality and availability of educational community-based programs

  • Increase percentage of residents who make healthy food choices

  • Increase percentage of people who are physically active

  • Increase access to medical care for those at a greater risk of chronic disease

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