Healthier Jupiter Impact

Impact Reports

Healthier Jupiter is funded through a generous grant from Palm Health Foundation as part of its Healthier Together Initiative. Healthier Together is a long-term, place-based funding approach designed to solve the community’s most complex healthcare issues, neighborhood by neighborhood. As with any initiative, an evaluation framework is important to ongoing monitoring, impact assessment and learning. Please read through our last several years of Impact Reports to see what we have learned and the impact we are having in the community.

Any questions about the information and data presented in the Impact Reports please contact Healthier Jupiter at 561-263-7579 or by email at


Community Surveys

Healthier Jupiter seeks to learn more about our community’s health and how we can work together to improve health and well-being in our community. We do this by collecting important health data from our community residents. The survey has been conducted over the past three years. Download the reports below to learn more.

For more information on Healthier Jupiter’s Community Survey please contact Healthier Jupiter by email at or by phone at 561-263-7579.


Community Survey in the News